Products offered under our trademark

Gaskets and moulded parts

Gaskets and moulded parts

The strength of KAUTASIT is the implementation
of specific customer wishes. This is done by
shape as well as by…



…are highly-specialised parts and therefore
deserve special mention. Design on the one
hand and difficult material combinations on
the other hand are…

Rubber-metal compounds

Rubber-metal combinations

No standard articles, but high-quality solutions
for a great variety of applications. All metals and
elastomer compounds are combinable.

High-pressure gasket plates

High-pressure gasket plates

Asbestos-free sealant for the further processing
to flat gaskets. We only use our own recipes.

Die-cut products made of soft material

Die-cut products

…are offered on the basis of cooperation with a
well-known die-cut company. The first priority is
given to self-made materials.